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  • Publication : 20 03 2013
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Isis is awesome    


 Depuis quelques semaines, les blogs ricains regorgent de bonne nouvelles au sujet de l'isis smnrx. Je me devais de faire circuler la bonne nouvelle . Des enfants qui après une seule injection retrouvent de la force au point qu'ils arrivent à faire quelques pas. C'est assez bluffant.





Un blog au sujet de la petite Vivienne SMA type 2. Elle a participée à la phase 1 de l'essai Isis et elle participe actuellement à la deuxième étape. Les photos et vidéos sont très concluantes et encourageante. Bonne lecture et bon visionnement.


il y a aussi le facebook du petit kalen :

Kalen STANDING up! You can see him using his arms to hold most of the weight, THEN you can see the muscles in his legs enact and he does appear to bear some weight!! AMAZING!!


Many of you are wondering how Kalen is responding to ISIS... I am on an iPad finger typing and on vacation so I will write a more detailed response later... BUT I do feel like Kalen is SUPERMAN! Twice I stopped in my tracks because he crawled so fast from room to room that I was convinced someone must have carried him! He seems to have a little more control over his legs flopping when we are changing his diaper and can even play a new game, opening and shutting them to keep Mommy from putting his diaper back on! He pushed Kyan on a bike on his tall knees all the way down the hallway at PT when he has only previously done a handful of steps and lifted his legs out of the pool at aqua therapy today! He is eating well, sleeping well, didn't have any adverse reactions to the injection, no bruising at the site, no headaches, nothing negative to report so far! more to come!


Je vous laisse traduire par vous même :)

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