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  • Publication : 01 08 2019
  • Catégorie :La recherche médicale et génétique

In-frame de novo mutation in BICD2 in two patients with muscular atrophy and arthrogryposis.    

We describe two unrelated patients, a 12-yr-old female and a 6-yr-old male, with congenital contractures and severe congenital muscular atrophy. Exome and genome sequencing of the probands and their unaffected parents revealed that they have the same de novo deletion in BICD2 (c.1636_1638delAAT). The variant, which has never been reported, results in an in-frame 3-bp deletion and is predicted to cause loss of an evolutionarily conserved asparagine residue at position 546 in the protein. Missense mutations in BICD2 cause autosomal dominant spinal muscular atrophy, lower-extremity predominant 2 (SMALED2), a disease characterized by muscle weakness and arthrogryposis of early onset and slow progression. The p.Asn546del clusters with four pathogenic missense variants in a region that likely binds molecular motor KIF5A. Protein modeling suggests that removing the highly conserved asparagine residue alters BICD2 protein structure. Our findings support a broader phenotypic spectrum of BICD2 mutations that may include severe manifestations such as cerebral atrophy, seizures, dysmorphic facial features, and profound muscular atrophy.

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